REVIEW: Freaky Deaky gave Wisconsin an Enormous Scare!


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Continuing to spook the city of Chicago and Michigan, React Presents reached out to the Milwaukee area to show them what Halloween is all about. The 2-day event had those Panthers pouncing and eager for more. Catch us next year at either of our 3 locations for a mesmerizing, spine-chilling holiday on Oct. 26-31 2018.

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To kick it off, this venue was extra prepared and had things running smoothly from the start. The event was highly staffed with multiple ticket booths, an extensive amount security, ID checks, 21+ wristbands and ticket scanners. From the first moment standing in line, staff was already directing you to GA or VIP admission. Also, workers were going around reading the list of prohibited items, giving people a chance to run items to their vehicles if needed. Hours before doors opened on Friday night, an abundance of dedicated Griz fans stood outside in the crisp cold awaiting their surreal night. At this time a news reporter by the name of Adrian Peterson had taken video footage of the crazed fans in line! While most Halloween costumes don’t provide enough warmth for Wisconsin weather, upon arrival, night two was better equipped with ropes inside for everyone to wait comfortably. All participants were rainbowed in glitter, decked out in mysterious costumes and wild in face paint!

The inside of the Wisconsin Center had freaks raging until limbs gave out. More than enough room was put aside for a packed weekend of headbanging. The back of the venue consisted of multiple projectors labeling food, refreshments, alcoholic beverages and bathrooms in huge lettering up high for an easy read. The men and women’s bathrooms were kept clean throughout the night and had a posted security guard inside to ensure safety and speediness of lines. Next to the bathrooms were multiple free drinking fountains to keep the crowd hydrated and energized for each set. Each fan was kept glowing throughout the weekend with an abundance of water bottles flowing back from rail, especially moments before Bassnectar took the stage.

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The two nights of terror bellowed with unfathomable performances and hypnotic visuals. Starting the show Artifaks, Plaid Hawaii and opiuo got the crowd hyped and in the zone. Artists such as Flatbush Zombies took over with a harder style and Mija with a creative, captivating trance. Next up Bleep Bloop unified everyone’s vibes and created a freak show while dropping “New Liquid Stranger”. Then the riddim extended wubs to every space of air as Boogie T stepped into the light and behind the soundboard. Preparing individuals for Bassnectar, Ganja White Night tore the roof off with energy levels blasting. Lastly, headliners Griz and Bassnectar gave it their heart and soul until their closing track. Overdone with colored lasers and fog arose Bassnectar and the fresh smell of sweat. He worked the headbangers with precise timing of intense bass drops and slower less known songs. My personal favorite, Griz, created such a light, positive and accepting atmosphere that everyone could let loose and get down and funky to. A glimpse of Electric Forest was brought to my heart as “My friends and I” played seeing the unity and love echo throughout Milwaukee.

If you’re looking for a festival with all you can eat grimy bass wubs, chest vibrations and radiating energy, join us next year for Freaky Deaky! The largest midwest Halloween event you’ll regret missing out on. Keep those eyes peeled for Reacts 2018’s lineup! As Boogie T said, “MOST EPIC HALLOWEEN YET”.