Channel Your Inner Spirit Animal With Rawtek’s “Na’wal”

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With summer just around the corner, banger after banger have been
cranked out  – preparing us for the long awaited festival season.

Producers have been breaking genre boundaries and creating whole new
sub-genres left and right, truly showing their true colors and skill set.
Los Angeles based duo Rawtek is doing just that – with
their newly coined “Lionsound”, deriving it from not only the
aggressive nature of the music, but the cultural background of both
members as well.

Rawtek makes their Buygore debut with “Na’wal” – truly showcasing their  ‘Lionsound.’
With inspiration from the word ‘Nagual’ or ‘Nahual’, an individual who
can transform physically or spiritually into an animal form (AKA one’s
‘Spirit Animal’). No better word could suite this track, as it perfectly
blends spiritual chanting alongside underlying growls to really
encompass that jungle feel.

Get your festival season started off right, channel that inner spirit animal and get ready for #LIONSOUND.

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