JayKode Unleashes “BEEHIVE”

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infectious productions combine elements of trap, hip hop, and future
bass, differentiated by his classically trained background. His
versatility is unmatched, exemplified by a medley of remixes and
originals associated with vastly different genres. Each release has
gradually developed an inimitable sound known as “classical bass”.
“Beehive” is the sonic representation of JayKode’s entire body of work,
as well as his dedication to creating something new.

begins with an electrifying buildup before introducing soothing piano
keys paired with a melodic guitar progression. The payoff hits like a
freight train, pushing the limits of any sound system with its
one-of-a-kind drop. The driving force behind “Beehive” is a deep,
glitchy bass line that oscillates between varying BPMs with ease.
“Classical bass” becomes an audible reality when JayKode introduces
brief synth synth patterns within the breaks and flourishes. These sonic
surprises never feel out of place, showcasing JayKode’s expansive, long
term mentality as an artist.


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