INTERVIEW: LANY at Mamby on the Beach 2016


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Up Close with LANY at Mamby on the Beach 2016
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At Mamby on the Beach, I was lucky enough to talk with Paul Klein, Les Priest, and Jake Goss of the dream pop band from California, LANY. Their set was unexpected and incredible. It’s evident that they’re passionate musicians, make sure you check out their music.

Les and Jake, you two were part of the duo WRLDS before LANY and Paul, you were working independently. How did you meet and decide to collaborate?

Paul: We met in Nashville, we were all living there at the same time, but not working on LANY at all, we were just friends. I moved to LA and then decided that I didn’t want to do music by myself anymore. So that’s when I called Jake and Les, asked if I could fly back to Nashville for a bit, write some music, and see what we come up with.

I know that LANY stands for Los Angeles to New York. Has LANY been focusing mostly on touring within the US or are you guys touring internationally right now?

Paul: We have been touring internationally, I guess Canada is international. And also, we have played the UK. But in the fall, we are doing a European tour as well as an American tour, which is exciting.

LANY – Where The Hell Are My Friends

Are there any especially memorable cities that you have performed in?

Paul: Yeah, we love Salt Lake City; they have always been the craziest. LA is a hometown crowd. Chicago has been great, we have some really cool fans here. Seattle is another city that has really been incredible.

Jake: Minneapolis. Basically all the cities that we’ve played in.

Do you have any particularly memorable experiences with your fans?

Paul: Not too much, not anything that stands out. We really do have some incredible fans that give us gifts, make us art, throw us letters, polaroids and flowers. That’s kind of in every city so nothing that really stands out, but we are really thankful.

So is there anything really special about your show for Mamby on the Beach?

LANY: Well we don’t have anything out of the ordinary planned, but I think you can expect just a very LANY performance- high energy and hopefully really infectious. This is also our first beachfront concert and first forth of July concert.

LANY – ILYSB (Live in Los Angeles)

Do you guys have anything planned for the forth this Monday?

Paul: I’m trying to figure that out right now. I’ll be back in California, so hopefully find a beach somewhere, watch fireworks and grill out before.

Jake: I’m going to be on an airplane so I’m probably going to bring some roman candles, firecrackers, get arrested, but it will be fine.

Les: I will be in Nashville, just hanging out with friends.

So is this the last stop on LANY’s tour?

Paul: We just finished our tour with Oh Wonder. We went from like a headline, to then supporting Oh Wonder. We got to fly out the 20th or 21st of this month to play at the Way Home Festival in Ontario. So we just got a few spotty festivals for the rest of the summer, before our big fall headline.

While you guys are doing all these shows, are you working on producing any new music?

Paul: Yeah, we will all get back in LA in a few days and try to come up with a few more songs. We have been working on songs for a while now so we have a good catalogue and we’ll drop our debut record next year.

LANY – Quit

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