WORLDWIDE: The Legendary Open-Air-Club, Kiesgrube Returns Summer 2018


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Can you feel it? The sun is back – and along with her love and freedom, the legendary Sundays at Kiesgrube. The 2018 season’s motto is “Wild at Heart” because even after 21 years, the unique outdoor party location in Neuss near Dusseldorf in Germany never grew up. Still with a sometimes crazy youthful spirit, wild eyes and six unparalleled events to knock anyone off their feet. Except maybe Chuck Norris. But he is certainly looking forward to one or two little dances to the sound of Loco Dice, Marco Carola, Richie Hawtin, Jamie Jones, The Martinez Brothers, Pan-Pot, Luciano, Black Coffee, Âme and many more. And if you’re in the mood for a lot of confetti and a big hurrah, you can look forward to the very special visit of ‘elrow’ at Kiesgrube.

It started back in 1997 on a plot of barren land near Neuss. And then everything went very fast, Kiesgrube became the absolute hotspot of the electronic club scene; a reputation that hasn’t faded a bit to this day. So many great feelings were lived in the many, many summers here. We celebrated, we smooched and we lived in excess. We hugged complete strangers; like-minded people with whom we shared very special moments. Yes, we are absolutely looking forward to picking up where we left of last year. On board are DJ’s and live acts from all corners of the earth, and the dancers, too, travel from far and wide to the North Rhine-Westphalian province for a pulsating experience. The Kiesgrube has its very own, very special character, a wonderful crowd and atmosphere with its first-class sound, top-tier artists and fantastic deco and love for details. And fine sand under your feet. Or wonderful green grass areas that invite you to lie down. This is a unique place. There is only one Kiesgrube. And where are you?

And now it’s up to you! Tickets for all events are available in presale now! For more check

Six dates are confirmed for this season 2018. They take place regardless of weather conditions – if it rains, a rain-proof alternative location will be announced in advance.

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Sunday, 22 April 2018 / Kiesgrube Season Opening / 12:00 – 22:00

Loco Dice b2b Luciano

Âme live

Mathias Kaden

William Djoko


Vladimir Ivkovic


Now that’s a kick-off for the book! Desolat chief Loco Dice and long-time Kiesgrube guru knows all too well how an opening should sound, and with Luciano on his side it’s set to be twice as phenomenal. In addition, a live-act from virtuoso Âme from the Innervisions house. If that’s not enough, the highly acclaimed Vladimir Ivkovic joins in, as well as former Trouw resident William Djoko and Belgian Mandana. Yeaaaah! Summer! Here we come!

Sunday, 20 May 2018 / elrow goes Kiesgrube / 12:00 – 22:00


Matthias Tanzmann



Marc Maya

George Privatti


Born in Barcelona, residing in the whole world: elrow is considered everywhere as the ultimate in emotional party explosion. Music and color become one, a fantastic and insane journey through the expanses of the electronic music cosmos blooms into a performance that makes the hearts of all present beat in 4/4 time. Anyone who has ever seen this knows what we are talking about. Everyone else can look forward to stilt walkers, performers, actors and endless confetti. With this, amazing sound from high-class techno and house DJs. You have to see this!

Sunday, 03 June 2018 / Kiesgrube Open Air / 12:00 – 22:00

Marco Carola

Guti live



The date on which the sandy underground of the Kiesgrube will shake mightily. Marco Carola will give the floor a proper massage with his techno sound, until the water in the adjacent quarry kicks tsunami-like waves. For an enchanting live climax, Guti arrives from Argentina – and in the end, our hearts are all beating at the same beat.

Sunday, 08. July 2018 / Kiesgrube Open Air / 12:00 – 22:00

Black Coffee

Nick Curly


Caleb Calloway


In the middle of summer, when it can hardly get any hotter, there’s hot, Black Coffee in the Kiesgrube. Okay, okay… We admit, that was a pretty lame pun even for our standards. Then, continue with the facts: The South African super-DJ Black Coffee will inspire us with his intense sound – that’s a promise.  And 8-bit label boss Nick Curly is known for his energetic house-sets, and the humorous all-rounder Butch is a true master in setting emotional highlights. Absolutely imaginable that, despite the midsummer temperatures, one or two blissful shivers will run down our spines. And let’s smile.

Sunday, 29. July 2018 / Kiesgrube Open Air / 12:00 – 22:00

Loco Dice

Jamie Jones

The Martinez Brothers



We could write loads of great praise to the DJs playing at this event. But there’s absolutely no need… Ey, just take a look on the line up! Nuff said! This is huuuge! The combination of Loco Dice, Jamie Jones, The Martinez Brothers and Yaya sounds like a massive festival. But it’s just a regular Sunday at Kiesgrube! Want more? Get ready for summer ecstasy, wet panties, wild orgies and everything else that exceeds your imagination. Whoever doesn’t come, didn’t understand it. We all love each other!

Sunday, 02. Sep. 2018 / Kiesgrube Season Closing / 12:00 – 22:00

Richie Hawtin


Benny Rodrigues

Fabio Florido


It is this final chord that announces the approaching end of the best summer ever. But instead of in sad D minor, the gravel pit says goodbye in energetic 4/4 time. With Richie Hawtin, Pan-Pot, Benny Rodrigues and Fabio Florido, we turn the machine up to eleven again, to celebrate farewell to in every way but quiet. We want big gestures, good spirits and tears of joy when we dismiss the Kiesgrube to its well-deserved winter break.

LOCATION: Kiesgrube, Sudermannstr. / Ecke Am Blankenwasser, Neuss, Deutschland

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