Ivaylo (Bogota Records) – 5 Labels that influenced me


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A significantly busy year for native Bulgarian, DJ and producer, Ivaylo. Releasing on Prins Thomas Full Pupp and Kwench Records from dancefloor queen, Cassy. 

Coming at the end of this month is his next chapter on his imprint Bogota Records, ‘Housemoult’ features two original cuts from himself and a bomb remix from Hugo LX. 

We asked Ivaylo – 5 labels that influenced him…

1. Full Pupp
Although I was invited last year to start working with Prins Thomas and his Full Pupp, I have always admired (almost) everything that was released on the label. Always on point in a bright spectre of sounds!

2. Freerange 
Jamie (Jimpster) has always been lovely inspiration and so it is his Freerange Imprint. There is no track from them, that havent moved the dance floor. 

3. Tango Records
I think I have everything that was released on Tango! Their sound was one of the first (and still) that shaped my DJ perspective and later on influenced my productions!

4. OM Records 
OM Records was a main part of my growing in music. Specially the early 00’s releases were untouchably ace! 

5. Kolour Recordings
Another favorite that has been shaping my music universe! Always deepness!