EDC NY and Mysteryland Lineups released!!

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MAR. 15, 2015

The Memorial Day Weekend Festival Wars has begun, Electric Daisy Carnival New York and Mysteryland USA both released their lineups this week. The two festivals are both on May 23 & 24, clashing every year as usual pinning New Yorkers to make the tough choice that just got even harder with the release of the on par lineups. Which experience will you go for this year? The intense dance music experience of Electric Daisy Carnival at Metlife Stadium, NJ or the chilled jam out weekend at Mysteryland USA in Bethel Woods, NY home to the legendary Woodstock of ‘69. Decide for yourself:

The official teaser for EDC New York 2015. Get your tickets to EDC New York HERE!!

The official trailer to Mysteryland USA 2015. Get your Mysteryland USA tickets HERE!!