The Buzz: DJ/Producer Joris Voorn makes directorial debut


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DJ/Producer Joris Voorn makes his video director debut

DJ; producer; label owner; and now video director. Joris Voorn adds another string to his creative bow this month as he announces his directorial debut in a video for a new track on his record label Rejected.

Joris’ video for under_score feat. Roni Size Brown Paper follows a shadowy figure on an journey through an industrial wasteland, with a mysterious story running through the clip. Beautifully shot and put together with an accomplished feel that belies his lack of experience in the field, it makes for a very impressive debut effort.

Followers of his social media will know that Joris is a big fan of the visual arts and a keen photographer, with his stunning images of his travels regularly becoming some of the most engaging posts of any DJ. This is very much the beginning for his visual output, and you can be sure that we’ll be seeing many more exciting and ambitious projects from him as he continues to follow his passions.

The track itself is a house version of the 1997 drum & bass classic by Roni Size/Reprazent, Brown Paper Bag, making for one of Rejected’s biggest releases in recent memory.

Available for purchase via Beatport.

under_score feat Roni Size – Brown Paper 

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