THEMED THURSDAY: Ekali Awakening Mix.1 is released! [#005]


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Ekali Awakening Mix 1

Themed Thursday is all about Ekali Awakening Mix #1

A new edition to Ekali Awakening series is planned for release every three months. Just what is Awakening you may ask? Ekali says “…outlet to show you what tunes I’ve been listening to on the road…challenging myself to mix all these tunes in creative and challenging ways.” Ekali mixes in delicate and graceful sounds to hard-hitting head banging hits. This hour long-release is a start of something great! Stay tuned.

Ekali, also known as Nathan Shaw, is a DJ based out of Vancouver, Canada. Nathan has world-wide experiences and tastes. Impressively, he makes use of almost every genre from electronic music, R&B, acoustics, and trap. As you’ll hear, this allows him to create unique beats that relates to almost everyone that listens. Ekali Awakening mix is a fluid use of genres; leading the way to what some are calling ‘chillstep.’ Very very neat. Ekali was a competitor at the 2014 Red Bull Music Academy in Tokyo. Excitingly, Ekali is performing live on a spring tour across the globe. Read about his city-route here. Ekali’s creative freedom is sure to be featured here on WOTN. Enjoy!

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