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When decent and laid back moods meet subtly shaped soundscapes and percussions, Alex Albrecht is not far away with his playful and genre melting productions. ‘Excerpts’ is the latest craft of this kind.

Alex Albrecht pres. Melquíades – Excerpts

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“The idea behind this EP”, says Alex Albrecht, “was to capture moments and “excerpts” of my improvised live set. I’ve used field recordings from a number of places from around the world as inspiration (including my recent visit to New York for the last S&T Tour) for the individual tracks – there’s a variety of genres within the release but essentially they were just improvised extended jam sessions. I then chose some interesting excerpts for the record.”

The House and Indie Dance craftsman from Melbourne previously released his EP ‘Blue Caves’ on Scissor & Thread, which impressed by combining the art of ambient soundscapes with casual and floating dancefloor-approaches. Now ‘Excerpts’ continues the story: ‘Portal’ is a slick groover that is richly layered with flattering pads and bewitching effects. ‘Tower Of The Sun’ surprises with submerged moods, whearas ‘Schaefer Street’ plays with snappy percussions and a cheerful melody. With his splendid re-work of the same track, Patrice Scott thickens up the groove and adds some more pressure.

Alex Albrecht pres. Melquíades – Excerpts Tracklist:

A1. Portal
A2. Tower Of The Sun
B1. Schaefer Street
B2. Schaefer Street (Patrice Scott Remix)

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