SPRING BREAK FESTIVAL WARS 2015 IS ON: Which festival will you go to this year?

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JAN. 10, 2015

Coachella, the famous hipster music festival in Indio, California that has people fighting for tickets so much it’s two weekends long. In fact, tickets went on sale just WEDNESDAY and they are already long gone. This year the festival will be held April 10-12 and April 17-19 and will accommodate a variety of music listeners with headliners from Alesso to Florence and the Machine.

Ultra Music Festival in the heart and soul of Downtown Miami, one of most expensive festivals, but hands down the best lineup. Ultra Miami 2015 will be March 27-29 this year and will headline pretty much all the best of EDM. And how you know that is if you love EDM, look at the lineup below and tell me your heart doesn’t skip a beat.

And this is only PHASE 1 of the lineup, organizers of Ultra claim they have over 100 and counting to fill your spring break ears with the best music around. Tickets are still available HERE!!!

Coachella might be sold out, but wherever there’s a will there’s a way and always someone selling tickets to the desperate souls. So which one will it be? Coachella or Ultra? Get planning!! Spring Break is less than 3 months away!!

Claudia Manganiello