PREVIEW: трип double vinyl ft. Nina Kraviz, PTU, Ryan James Ford, Carlota – TRP029: locus error


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трип presents ‘locus error,’ a new double vinyl concept album. Moving beyond the scope of the traditional, arbitrarily compiled VA, трип’s conceptual approach brings together a range of artists around a uniting theme, supplying a sense of cohesion and narrative thrust.

TRP029: locus error out via трип, 13th December

Like Noel Saavedra’s accompanying artwork, the narrative is vibrant yet nightmarish, a vision of classic trance music, including its psy side, refracted through трип’s fearless, oddball aesthetic. Nina Kraviz sets the tone with ‘test’. Kyoka’s ‘link’ coaxes you in with suggestive murmurs from all angles like an auditory hallucination. Ryan James Ford and ANTIGONE make label debuts, while SOPHIE and Juliana Huxtable unite for the first time as Analemma – a formidable pairing with an abstract offering, merging trance elements, metallic and corporeal sound design with vintage euphoria.

трип misfits PTU do their best to upset your sense of time and meter with two modern psy trance interpretations. Carlota contributes the nervously optimistic title track. Alan Backdrop’s hair and pulse raising yet classy ‘nizaj’ clears the way for the grand finale: X-Dream’s murky, mesmeric and minimalistic genre classic ‘superintelligence’. On the digital a ‘clever mix’ that was previously unreleased outside Japan will be released. Masters sit alongside newcomers to the form, on an LP for dancers deep in a fugue state.

трип – locus error Tracklist

A1 Nina Kraviz – test
A2. Ryan James Ford – royal legion
A3 Kyoka – link
B1 Analemma – plunging asymptote
B2 PTU – black smokers
C1 Carlota – locus error
C2 PTU – (M1n0r) F1ss10n
C3 Analemma – liminal crisis
D1 Alan Backdrop – nizaj
D2 X-Dream – superintelligence (orginal mix)

Digital Only X-Dream – superintelligence (clever mix)