Forma Debuts on Anjunadeep with Three-Part EP ‘In Control’


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Riding a wave of success off the back of their critically acclaimed EP The Peak back in March 2022, Argentinian trio Forma now make their eagerly anticipated debut on Anjunadeep with the stunning new three-track player, In Control

With releases on Edu Imbernon’s Fayer imprint, Spectrum Spools, The Bunker New York and MEIOSIS, the trio – made up of Juan Hansen, Pablo Damian and Rocio Giorgi – have taken their sound global since forming back in 2020, playing standout live performances in countries including Brazil, USA, Canada and China, to name a few.

Unwavering in their commitment to originality, Forma’s unique sound palette and deep-rooted musicality are firmly on display across the EP. Masterfully worked from start to finish, the three-part package showcases the band’s impressive creativity, with flawless composition and a distinct cross-pollination of musical references shining front and centre.

The title track In Control opens the EP, combining luscious synths with warm lead vocals courtesy of band member Rocio. Still Alive features broken beats and vocal chops whilst Hold You leads with vocals from Pablo. The trio’s latest offering demonstrates their unique blend of vocal-driven electronica that has seen them supported by the likes of Gorgon City and Nandu.

Speaking on their Anjunadeep debut, Forma commented:

“In Control brings up the importance of emotional support; the value that a hug or a word of encouragement holds at a difficult time and how a simple gesture can have such an impact and make us feel alive again. This EP has a special place in our hearts and we hope that you will receive it with the same love with which we created it.”

Championing hypnotic modular soundscapes and avant-garde analogue experimentation, Juan Hansen, Pablo Bursztyn and Rocio Giorgi’s Forma live project has served as a breath of fresh air within the world of vocal electronica. Releasing their critically acclaimed Hollow EP in July 2021 off the back of a spellbinding live performance for MUTEK Festival, the Argentinian three-piece outfit returned in March 2022 with The Peak. Proving its cinematic worth prior to the official release, the EP title track was cherry picked for the new season of US TV series “Power Book” and has since become a collaboration that’s graced the ears of millions. Now, continuing their prolific run of first-rate studio output, Forma’s In Control EP marks another immaculate representation of their continued flourishing success and unrivalled authenticity.

Forma – In Control EP is out now via Anjunadeep