Dada Life release Compilation Album “Welcome to Dada Land” FEBRUARY 17

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FEB. 11, 2015

Full Tracklist:

Tonight We’re Kids Again

Kick Out The Epic Torpedo (Dada Life vs. Jordy Dazz)

This Machine Kills Some Chords (Dada Life vs. deadmau5)

Happy X Hands (Dada Life vs. Pelari & Twice)

One Smile

Boing Clash Tension (Dada Life vs. Jebu)

Freaks Have More Fun

Bubble Butt (Dada Life Remix)

I Love Your Personalitits (Andybody)

So Young So Shotgun (Dada Life vs. Zedd)

Reckless (Jacob van Hage)

Whats Up Cookies (Dada Life vs. TJR)

Noto (Walden ft. Livingstone)

Born To Rage (Dada Land Edit)

Feed The Dada (2015 Remix)

Kick Out The Epic Motherfucker (Dada Life 2015 Epic Remix)

The release of “Welcome to Dada Land,” a compilation of their own favorites that represent the symbol of “Dada Land,” music that makes you go bananas and feel like a kid again. 

The release of the album goes along with the kick off of the Dada Land Compound Tour in New York this Friday, February 13 at a surprise secret Brooklyn Warehouse location, where he’ll be joined by Henry Fong:

If you wanna rave the old fashioned sketchy warehouse way with all the fun of Dada Land, get your tickets HERE!!

They’ll follow their first stop of their tour with an under 18 event a Pacha NYC the night after on Valentine’s Day:

FREAKS HAVE MORE FUN! Spend V-Day with Dada Life, get tickets HERE!

If you can’t make it to New York catch them on their many North American tour dates, more to be announced:

Prepare your life for Dada Land with the Official Dada Land Compound Tour Mixtape on Pandora HERE.

Claudia Manganiello