STAFF PICK: Paul Kalkbrenner Remixes Kid Simius’ The Flute Song


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“The Flute Song” is the first single of the upcoming Kid Simius album “Planet of the Simius” and the first Paul Kalkbrenner remix in a long time. This eagerly awaited release comes Friday, November 17th via Jirafa Records.

The track began on a writing trip in Columbia when the Kid sampled a little wooden flute he bought on the beach. The sound was so different from typical sampled instruments and the resulting track brought Kid Simius into new territory musically. The collaboration with Kalkbrenner came mid-production when Paul overheard the song while hanging out with friends in the studio. The B part hooked him immediately and he was inspired to remix the song before it was even finished.

The collaboration works effortlessly and the global influences are tied together masterfully in both the Kid Simius original and the Kalkbrenner remix.

Out now via Jirafa Records    STREAM/PURCHASE HERE

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