Big Wild & Foreign Family Collaborate on Audio-Visual Short Film ASCENSION


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Today, Big Wild and Foreign Family Collective have released Ascension, a near-future audio-visual art collaboration. The video is offered in tandem with its equally awe-inspiring score, which provides fans an unoccupied part of Big Wild’s discography, and one likely never to be explored again.

Ascension is a journey into a world defined by both the beauty and dangers of technology. In the new reality in which the story is set, conception has been forcefully evolved into a machine-driven process. This dystopian future sees machines taking a new role in nature as the imbalance of these two worlds continues to shift towards human-machine divinity.

The completely computer-rendered creation of Ascension also offers a real-world tie in to the theme of project. Director and editor team The Yazuki has harnessed the power of CGI to create this dialogue on the delicate balance of nature and technology in the modern world. In their own words:

From an early creative stage, the mood and pace of this track drove us down to a not so distant rabbit hole, where we exercised the idea of what humanity can’t do without. The main goal was to disclose something more profound. Exploring thoughts on mankind’s evolution, we aimed in creating a metaphor between what we have and take for granted in nature, and our structure of a nearly dystopian society. We are living in a detached reality that clashes with what allowed us to strive as a species. This promotes a strange sense of liberty that can lead us to a sort of race against nature. Our question was, will we win it, or will nature prevail?

These kind of projects don’t come in that often. We feel blessed to have had the chance to work with the crazy talented Big Wild and Foreign Family Collective team. Not only did they gave us total creative freedom, but also, where present as creative partners.

Big Wild’s score of the short film provides the perfect audio context for these themes as an organic human chorus is contrasted sharply by computer crafted, metallically enhanced production and synth work. The result embodies the films portrayed collision of humanity and machine.

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In Big Wild’s own words on the project:

This art piece tells the story of an advanced society that’s become so mechanized and ruled by technology that it’s neglected the natural environment, which it in turn has to now rebuild. The painful irony of this situation brings to question our infatuation with technology and an increasing detachment from the natural world.

We wanted to create our own world and convey a simple but powerful message. I really wanted to experiment musically and collaborate with visual artists to create something unique. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!”


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