Artist to Watch: Step into Robotaki’s ‘Science’ Lab


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From being plastered on the front page of Apple Music to making New Music Friday on Spotify, Robotaki’s Science EP is flying out the gates and it’s easy to understand why. It’s beautifully complex and tells the incredibly relatable story behind the emergence of an artist that has been through the gauntlet of obstacles over the course of his rapidly developing career.



“This new EP is a big personal step for me for many reasons. The tracks in this EP were made over the course of almost 2 years during drastically different times of my life. When I was working on the first track, I didn’t even have the concept of an EP in my mind yet, I was still in graduate school doing genetics, was in a relationship, living in a different city. Since then, my life went through a lot of change: I made the decision to pursue music over academia after having studied sciences for basically all my life, I went through a tough long distance relationship after feeling in love, I moved from Montreal to Toronto. I’m quite an anxious person (seriously, I pace a LOT) so the only way I could mentally deal with these kinds of events was to make music. This EP, therefore, is essentially a cathartic release for me. “Science” is out now, everywhere around the world and it feels crazy.” – Robotaki  

Robotaki is the production moniker of Preston Chin. The Toronto native came into the spotlight on the heels of his debut single “Ghostboy,” which hit global viral #1 on Spotify, #4 on Billboard Dance and #6 on Spotify U.S. Coming in to the spotlight with his top-tier remix work, and being recognized for his impeccable sounds, Preston Chin, the man behind the moniker has prepared himself to take on a much greater task. A task that entails enveloping the world with a powerful new take on funk and disco. A responsibility to brighten peoples days and to make people dance. A quest to bring a fresh musical experience to humans that have never been done before. After months in the studio crafting and harnessing forward-thinking new sounds and ideas, Robotaki is now armed with an arsenal of exciting original material. Material that will change the world with its superior production.