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[Out Now] Orla Feeney & Kristina Sky ‘Audacious’!

via VANDIT Records

Be warned clicking play on this
track may induce tingling sensations down your spine, goosebumps, and an
uncontrollable desire to vibe out.  This
extremely powerful track fresh from Kristina Sky & Orla Feeney packs a
serious punch right in the feels.
Audacious’ hits with the force of a kick drum that can punch a hole in
your chest and synth work that will have you stuck in your head.  This high octane track sparks some major
energy on the dance floor with an electrifying sub-riff that keeps pushing you
forward.  These lovely ladies of trance
have made a strong statement with ‘Audacious’ and have proved their
collaborations can conjure some positive vibrations.  We definitely look forward to future work
from these two.

Kristina Sky & Orla Feeney – Audacious Out Now through VANDITHERE

Check out Orla Feeney on SoundCloud

Check out Kristina Sky on SoundCloud

Check the ‘Audacious’ out through VANDIT’s SoundCloud below:

By: Anthony Romano (@ToneMusic_)