REVIEW: The Brooklyn Mirage Opening & The Cityfox Experience: Regenerate


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After months of anticipation, The Brooklyn Mirage and The Cityfox Experience opened its gates to the masses last week with “Regenerate”. This was a night powered by the likes of Martin Buttrich, Anna, Serge Devant, John Tejada, Holmar and several other house and techno maestros. Those who braved dark gray skies and wet dancefloors were fortunate enough to dance the house down to the ever-reliable KV2 Audio sound system, pushed to its boundaries with some of the funkiest beats in the game.

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From first glance to the closing set, The Brooklyn Mirage and Cityfox Experience set the bar sky-high for NYC events this summer with Regenerate. No, literally, the spotlights were in view from across town. The venue proved to be an extremely well-executed production despite the proverbial pounding it took from Mother Nature just hours before attendees amassed within its walls. It comes as no surprise that there are many factors that play key roles in the level of success an event reaches. Thankfully, The Brooklyn Mirage and The Cityfox Experience are no strangers to effectively handling whatever crosses their paths. (Not to mention playing it cool while FDNY hawkeyed operations from the dancefloor.)

The splash and flash typical of the Brooklyn Mirage was in full effect. Well executed projection mappings towered over the main dancefloor, leaving no corner high or low without movement. Pyrotechnics from the middle of the main dancefloor was a welcome surprise, breaking up the thick haze that was somehow thicker than many indoor venues. Yes, there were lasers too. Shoutout to whoever programmed to bounce off the vine-like foliage hovering the dancefloor. It made this party-goer giddy.

The venue itself lends itself to a group and intimate experience all in one. Revelers can give themselves a VIP feel by towering over the dancefloor in the castle-like boarders that make the Brooklyn Mirage unlike any other venue in sight.

They say the devil is in the details, and the Mirage was on point. Its cashless system (albeit a little awkward upon entry) made the wait time at bars virtually non-existent. The indoor lounge area with scattered couches and lounges offered a sweet reprieve. (Shoutout to whoever scattered ponchos about the room.) Not to mention coffee and tea on the house? Can this become a thing? Bathrooms were massive, food easily available; well played, Brooklyn Mirage, well played.

Disclaimers for future attendees:

  • If there’s a hint of rain, keep those nice kicks at home, this is no place for that;
  • Arrive early, because no matter how lit the dancefloor is, that 4:30 am close time will never seem long enough;
  • Embrace the cashless system.

Get your tickets in advance to avoid lines (it’s ok to commit to a guaranteed good night, kids).

The Brooklyn Mirage
140 Stewart Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11237

Photos by: Mike Poselski and Zach Dilgard