INTERVIEW: EDX Returns to NYC with Show at Schimanski


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It’s no secret that the WOTN team are huge fans of EDX. We’ve seen him in clubs, at festivals, on boats. It’s no surprise we’ve developed an affinity for the Italian-Swiss DJ, producer, and label head. As an industry veteran who’s recently celebrated 25 years at the forefront of the industry, no one knows the world of electronic music quite as well as Maurizio Colella (aka EDX).

It also shouldn’t be a surprise that we were incredibly excited to chat with Maurizio in advance of his return to NYC in less than a month. He’ll be playing Schimanski’s on Friday, November 2nd. If the many, many sets we’ve seen from EDX are any indication, this show is sure to be fun as hell. The night will also serve as his birthday celebration, so get ready to pop champagne. (And stay tuned for a very special announcement from us on this.)

EDX interview shimanski 2018

New York City as a Venue

As a pioneer of dance music, EDX has been touring around the world since the early 90s. Still, he says New York City has always been a welcoming place for him. “I’ve had so many great moments in this city. NYC is such a great city for electronic music. I can really feel that disco and house music have been prevalent there since the late 80s. The crowds are very well educated and are always a treat for a DJ to play for.”

In fact, the first time EDX played in the city was at Cielo over 10 years ago, and his first festival appearance in the Northeast was at Electric Zoo. His November 2nd show marks a new first: his first visit to Schimanski (and before we get into semantics, he didn’t play at Verboten either).

2018: All About That New Music

The show and fall tour comes on the tail of some incredible music the artist released this summer. Among them is “Make Me Feel,” a remix of Janelle Monae’s hit song off her “Dirty Computer” album. Of his choice to remix this particular song, he says “It’s simply a great song and the disco vibe to the original made my decision really easy. In fact, it really worked well in the studio while working on the remix creation. Simply a great singer, great song and special collaboration to me.”

In addition to “Make Me Feel,” EDX recently released a remix of Camila Cabello and Bazzi’s song “Beautiful.” The genesis of this mix (say that 7 times fast) is from a meeting with Bazzi a few months back, where EDX heard the song before its release. “I was linked up right away with that song,” he says. “Later a coincidence linked up my team and his team when they were looking at remix opportunities for Beautiful. There were a few remixes to it already, but Camilla, who was featured in the special single release, sealed that collaboration and it turned really out well.”

In terms of new music (and no remixes), Maurizio recently released “Sillage,” a vibey track that transports you right to an Ibiza beach. It was the perfect end-of-summer track and we reviewed it here.

While there’s plenty of music on the way, Maurizio kept it mum on specifics. “I can say there is at least 2 more remixes in the making, this fall will be fire. I can’t wait to share more music with my fans.”

In the meantime, you can follow EDX on his socials and join the EDX family on his page to stay up to date. And grab your tickets to EDX’s show here.