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Hey DIBIDABO, great to meet you! Introduce yourself to us and our readers, give us some background?

I have been playing music and DJ’ing for over 15 years. I was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. I started with Drum, Bass and Jungle, gradually changing my musical preferences in electronic music. Currently experimenting in downtempo and techno style, adding ethno rhythms and grooves.

Label releases: Cosmic Awakening, LNDKHN, Universal Music Mena, Shango, Baikal Nomads 

What sort of DJ are? What’s your mixing style, and favourite time and place to play?

My favorite is a spontaneous selection of tracks, full freestyle of mixing. Well, this should be a time of maximum freedom for people on the dance floor, when they are only concerned with music and their emotions. Then synergy appears.

What is your signature sound do you think?

My sound is a powerful energy component of downtempo style. I create a variety and depth of the genre, achieving interweaving of melodies, ethno-rhythms and strong rhythm. I strive to create a deep mood, exciting and magical atmosphere, an atmosphere of celebration.

What is the scene in Russia like? What sounds are popular right now?

The electronic scene in Russia and club culture, is getting better already. But unfortunately this only applies to Moscow. We had a big recession for several years, now more and more good parties and places are appearing. It’s very difficult to instil a good musical taste to many people. It is a matter of cultural education and experience.

Do you play any musical instruments yourself? Does it help, or would it?

I train my vocals and learn the piano and guitar.

You bring lots of exotic vibes to your music, it is very worldly, where does that come from?

It is always a mix of instruments from different countries, the musical harmonies of India and South America, Africa, their various musical instruments, sounds and songs. Sometimes I record musicians with different ethnic instruments

Tell us about the new World LP you did for Cosmic Awakenings?

The idea of ​​the album is seven cities and places in the world with its interesting musical history, combined in a single style of electronic music. Each track is a separate region with its own unique musical atmosphere. Each track uses components, melodies, grooves, instruments and vocals from each such region. These are India, Russia, the United States, Indonesia, Germany, Africa and Brazil. And special thanks to my friend Janata for the excellent vocals that filled this album.


Have you been to any of the places you reference musically, such as Brazil and India, in this latest release?

“Los Desert” was written in august 2019 in California, “Neuschwanstein” it is an inspiration for classical music and German opera, “Ubud” this is my declaration of love to Bali, “Siberian Cry” was jamming with my vocalist Janata, who loves and sings beautifully Russian folk. So far, I dream about Africa, Brazil and India..

What was the last record you bought and why?

It was an amazing groovy release of my friend’s label “Tehnika Molodeji”. Because I liked it and that sound 🙂

Where would you like to go and explore musically in the world?

I really want to visit Brazil, Mexico, Argentina. I would like to play there with their amazing views. I want to come back to the Burning Man and play there again at dawn too 🙂


DIBIDABO’s ‘World’ LP is out now on Cosmic Awakenings

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