The Pillars of Euphoria 2017 (April 6-9, Austin TX)


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This year’s Euphoria Music Festival is quickly approaching and with the lineup (and daily lineup) already released, it’s time for us to take a peek at what makes this festival so appealing to the thousands of festival-goers that attend each year.

Austin Texas is a place where everybody with a positive attitude and an open mind can find a place to call home. Euphoria takes advantage of the vibrant culture of its hosting city by creating a uniquely open atmosphere where people of different backgrounds and cultures can come together to celebrate their common love of art and music.

There is no better example of this than the breadth of their lineup. Hosting a variety of different genres, with everything from pop to funk to underground and everything in between, Euphoria has something that would appeal to almost anybody, ensuring a mixed bag of music and art fans from all over the world.


The key to success for any music festival is not solely based on the popularity or strength of the artists playing but in the atmosphere that its organizers and fans create. In this department, Euphoria makes a great effort to develop the atmosphere of the festival by including wide varieties of both gallery art and installations that help to create an almost new world within the festival grounds. The expert lighting and stage designs only serve to elevate the level of immersion while also cementing it as a world class festival in terms of organization and design. This is best exemplified in the Dragonfly Stage and the Silent Disco which were both located and designed perfectly to provide a secluded and personal feel to the music and art.

Taking place minutes from downtown Austin, Euphoria is fortunate enough to be able to channel the artistic energy of the city into a wonderful experience for its attendees by drawing on the talent in the local culture to provide art installations and designs that are uniquely Austin. Additionally, the eco-friendly and volunteer initiatives are perfectly aligned with the surrounding areas.

But what is the best part? Camping. Being with your friends, your neighbors, and everybody you meet along the way!

Want to be a part of Euphoria? Visit their website here for information about the festival. Be sure to follow them on Twitter or Facebook for updates.