The Buzz: Paul Oakenfold Completes highest performance on earth!


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Oakenfold Announces Live Album From The Highest Party On Earth

Paul Oakenfold completes Mt. Everest Performance, see the slideshow below. Mount Everest’s Base Camp just held the highest party on earth. Mount Everest is Earth’s highest mountain. With its peak at reach to a astounding 8,848 meters (29,029 ft) above sea level. Paul is the first DJ to perform at this base 17,600 ft location.

A note from Paul:

“After 2 years in the planning, we have just completed SoundTrek, the party at the top of the World on Mount Everest’s Base Camp. Raising money for 4 charities in the process we have also supported the local talent and given the local community the DJ equipment supplied by Denon for the event. There will be a LIVE album taken from the recording of the party accompanied by a documentary.”


2017 marks the 30 year anniversary of Paul Oakenfold’s famed trip to the white island of Ibiza. What followed that legendary week was the birth of club and festival culture we know today and the emergence of one of the greatest DJs of our time. Oakenfold is in the first stage of his GENERATIONS World tour hitting 6 continents with a brand new immersive visual experience and extended sets spinning timeless records spanning three decades with new music from Paul. Be on the look out for more!

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