Survivors Guide to An All-Night Party Powered by SOHASO (Brooklyn)


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The only advice to give someone looking to test the waters at an all-night party is to be spontaneous, but come prepared to power through exhaustion.


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As much as one might believe he or she can plan every minute of every night then I tell those individuals to not even think about leaving home. Late night parties have a tendency to completely flip one’s view on the entire party scene as it provides all in attendance with a look into the true artistry behind an event.

Fiction is well known in the underground scene for bringing some of the most talented and creative artists in the game out to their events to showcase what music is all about.  Fortunately for all in attendance, we had SOHASO’s finest/label owner, Nuno dos Santos, the US debut of Dutch producer Love Over Entropy alongside special guest: Maeve co-founder Baikal to set the soundscape into the early morning.  Guests were greeted with mystical tones that enticed some smooth movement as well as deeply introverted thought.

An issue that was brought to my attention was that the positioning of the sound system could have been slightly more spread out as there were some dead spots in the venue that were really lacking the full spectrum of sound.  The driving force of an after-hours and most parties, in general, is the sensation that the frequencies create, but for this party, it seemed to fall a bit short as there was a good bit of breathing room well until 4 am.  Maybe it wasn’t my crowd or wasn’t my night, but the flow of the party itself (I felt) was slightly off the mark. Nonetheless, the event was a success, thanks to the phenomenal music + production.

Tackling an all-nighter is definitely a challenge in most cases, yet with some smooth grooves and the right atmosphere time will absolutely fly by.  I am definitely intrigued by what SOHASO brings to the table and I will definitely be checking out more of Fiction’s events in the near future.