REVIEW: Tale of Us’ Afterlife Makes Dazzling Big Apple Debut


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With it’s recent NYC debut, Afterlife proved once again to be a stellar production. Led by the dynamic duo, ‘Tale of Us‘,  Afterlife took root in Brooklyn’s premier outdoor venue, the Brooklyn Mirage. The night was a dream come true. Or, as overheard by this writer, “An odyssey through the realm of consciousness.”

On Saturday, September 8th ‘Tale of Us‘ and the Afterlife family made landfall in NYC, bringing their world-renowned Ibiza residency to the concrete jungle. At the height of NYC Fashion Week, you could tell that a different vibe had descended on Brooklyn. What that was was a Tale of Us takeover bringing their Ibiza Afterlife experience from the Mediterranean all the way to the gritty shores of New York. Of course, this was not the first time the Tale of Us duo Carmine Conte and Matteo Milleri have thrown down in the states. Afterlife, however, was a first-time success, shown off at a venue that embraces the vibes of elsewhere, without leaving New York City. Tale of Us and the Afterlife crew didn’t disappoint with a star-studded lineup: Recondite (live), Adriatique, Patrice Bäumel, Hunter/Game, Brian Cid, Roland Appel, Robert Hood, Matrixxman, Amandraaa, and RETURN.

Afterlife: Recondite – Valvate:

Though Brooklyn Mirage’s noteworthy open-air setup can send chills down the stylish spines of NYC’s fashion-forward, it didn’t make a difference this night. Rain attempted to dampen the spirits of Afterlife but failed miserably. The crowd embraced the forces of the Afterlife and the weather at odds throughout the night, continuing to dance and let loose, despite the assumptions one might make of the NYFW crowd. The pulsating sounds of Patrice Baumel kept the brave early pre-midnight arrivals swaying as the rain kept falling.

Just as the rain was coming to an end, Adriatique went on and the Swiss duo set off an explosion of energy that blew through the crowd. It was as if the massive Mirage KV2 sound system had not been pushed to its full potential until the Swiss duo came on stage. It is one thing to listen to Adriatique’s music on headphones, in cars, in clubs but nothing compared to their 2-hour set which clearly was about connecting and all their energy to the NYC fans.

While many parties at the Brooklyn Mirage and other venues will have every single stage/room equipped with DJs so that you are constantly surrounded by a dancing gathering no matter where you turn, this was not the case on this occasion. Tale of Us did something that we here at WOTN appreciate above all else, they provided a place to step away and enjoy not just your auditory pleasures but a visual accompaniment Endless Jardins. This was a breathtaking visual experience by London-based visual artist Quayola that melded a dreamy set of visuals over Tale of Us’ 2017 Endless Album. At any time in the Great Hall, you could find couples, friends and even lone individuals sitting and gazing deep into the Endless Jardins. Getting lost in its beauty and taking that much-needed respite from the craziness of New York City all around them. We heard many people wondering out loud if this would ever be released to the public so they can take it home and share with their friends in this meditative experience. (We certainly hope so.)

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As the night progressed the crowd became more and more alive and continued to be drawn to the main stage. When that space was getting tight, the ringing observation area of the Brooklyn Mirage began to swell as well, which meant only one thing…Tale of Us was about to begin their early morning journey in the city that never sleeps. Not many artists can bring out their label and friends and then also go on at 3 am to a full crowd. This is clearly a testament to their undying passion to curate a musical experience that taps into their fans love for deep and emotional music. It was as if a calm came over the attendees in this fast-paced city and these two maestros played every chord swaying mirage back and forth. Track after track hit all the right spots and even when the rain came back for a brief appearance no one was leaving their spots. This was truly an amazing time at Mirage and one we do not know that will be surpassed until the Italian duo blesses us with their company in the coming year.

Tale of Us capped Afterlife‘s dazzling NYC debut with their REMIX of the recently released ‘Mathame – Nothing Around Us (with Lyke)‘ on Afterlife Records. This rendition by Tale of Us has been on heavy rotation throughout the summer and favored by fans since its June debut at Afterlife – Off Sonar Barcelona.

Afterlife: Mathame – Nothing Around Us (with Lyke):

Tale of Us” has found a home for their performance series in such cities as Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bucharest, London, and now New York as well. As we all anticipate the dynamic duo’s return to the Big Apple, we leave you some of the notable tracks (MONUMENT, THE HANGER, and NOVA) that sent jolts of energy to keep crowd mesmerized well past 5:00 AM.

Afterlife: Tale of Us:

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