REVIEW: Carl Cox Presents: Intec Island 6/18/2017


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Oh Yes, Oh Yes it’s Carl Cox!

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With seemingly everyone away in Vegas this past weekend the big kids got some extra breathing room to play at Governors Island’s newest waterfront venue, The HRBR Project, for a pretty rare occasion. The Intec Digital bossman Carl Cox stopped by with a few friends, who just so happened to be Pan Pot, Darren Emerson, and Dj Onionz, to showcase their latest contributions to the world of music which we are all so familiar with. Hosted by event production powerhouses like RPM, Schimanski, NV Concepts, Mixmag and Pacha this event was destined from inception to draw some serious attention and turn some heads in the scene.

The day started with an ever familiar ferry ride over to Governors Island, but with a bit of an extended walk to reach the massive new venue.  Upon arrival to the fully open air HRBR Project we couldn’t help but to notice the exceptional views that Governors Island is so well known for. What attracted me though were the faint sounds coming out of the speakers during the entire walk over. Once I entered the venue there was a steady rumble in the air from those grizzly low frequencies, but unfortunately they were only strong directly in front of the stage. I understand why the setup is as such, but the venue is so large that it could use more sound support from the outer edges.  This was merely something that was brought to my attention by several attendees, but this didn’t take away from energy in the crowd since there were nothing but absolute gems being played all day.

What better way to ease into summer than with loads of unreleased tunes along with ample classic tracks to get down to. Pan Pot mesmerized the crowd with those ever familiar dark grooves that work their way through your ears, down your spine, and into your feet.  Personally I believe Pan Pot stand in a league of their own, which is why they were absolutely the only artists I would want to transition the crowd to the main man Carl Cox.

Give Carl Cox a 3 hour time slot to play and you know you’re going to get your money’s worth and then some. Fascinated is probably the best term I can use to define my state of mind for his entire set.  Anyone who has ever interacted with Carl Cox or his music knows that he radiates such uplifting energy that translates directly to how he carries himself as a performer.  It’s an absolute joy to see how animated and connected to the crowd he is while he plays song after song.  I was especially taken back by an unreleased Carl Cox original track that he graced us with late into his set that was smooth, quirky, and had a unique groove behind it.  It’s the kind of track that you’ll know what I’m talking about if you were there. It was an absolute pleasure to be present for this showcase being that the last time I was fortunate enough to see the groove master Carl Cox in person might have been back in 2014 and that too was an unforgettable experience.

Overall I want to thank all who were involved with the production and orchestration of the event, and especially Carl Cox, Pan Pot, Darren Emerson, and Dj Onionz for providing the soundtrack to get the summer underway. I will take this time to apologize again for those who might have skipped out early on Father’s Day dinners and festivities to spend time with our Groove Father Carl Cox, but this was just an event to not miss out on.

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