NEW MUSIC: Notaker teams up with Karra for “Who I Am” on Monstercat


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Notaker, Declan James and Singer Karra Break Down Barriers on New Release “Who I Am” on Monstercat

Each of us is born as the most authentic version of ourselves, but that intrinsic sense of identity is often masked as we mature and awareness takes over, forcing our true selves deeper and deeper under the many facades we wear in our various day-to-day roles. The ever-inventive Notaker has taken on the challenge of breaking down those barriers with his newest track “Who I Am,” in collaboration with fellow producer Declan James and vocalist Karra. With its soaring, cinematic synths and Karra‘s emotive vocals, “Who I am” feels distinctly more trance-influenced than Notaker‘s past productions, and it works perfectly with the song’s underlying meaning of acceptance and understanding. “I’m very proud of this record. I feel that DeclanKarra, and I all put our best foot forward on this and it happened to turn into something really special,” said Notaker of the track. “Who I Am” is the lead single on Notaker‘s upcoming EP “Genesis,” which will be fully released on Monstercat on October 24th.

Notaker believes that music isn’t meant to be experienced one-dimensionally; the young Americanproducer specializes in creating an atmosphere around his productions to immerse the listener in the story of his sound, rather than just the song itself. The result is an entirely unique musical experience that evokes emotion and resonates deep within the soul. It’s impossible to listen to a Notaker production without feeling deeply, as evidenced on his emotionally charged tracks like “Who I Am” and his recent remix of Gareth Emery‘s “Saving Light.” Notaker‘s avante-garde music has found homes on forward-thinking labels Armada CaptivatingMonstercat and Mau5trap thus far, setting the stage for an impressive musical resume. “Who I Am” is the first hint of what is to come from his much-anticipated “Genesis” EP, the name hinting at the beginning of something very, very big. With his recent track record and upcoming new music, the young American producer is steadily
evolving from talented newcomer to vetted dance music prodigy.

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