MOTi Delivers Feel-good Smash “The Game”


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One of the things that makes MOTi such an exciting and captivating force is that you can never tell where he’s going to go next. New single The Game exemplifies his diverse nature by pushing him in yet another direction, with its eyes firmly set on dominating airwaves across the world.


This bright and breezy track is led by an infectious, impassioned vocal from rising star Yton. Built around a funk-fueled nu disco beat with elastic live bass, ‘80s-style synth chords and pretty little melodies floating around in the background, it’s a track that screams summer. Piano chords build things up in the bridge with finger clicks before the big chorus slams into life with a distorted guitar lead and the vocal going full throttle.

“Like I’ve always said over the last years, you have to be experimenting with genres to keep developing yourself as a producer” MOTi explains. “For the last year I’ve been searching for something that feels natural to me. I have always been a fan of live slap basses, guitars and funky vocals. This track took me six months to finalize and describes the sound I’ve been looking for for the last years.” The track started life as a full electronic composition, and some nineteen versions later he swapped in live guitars and bass for the digital instruments and switched from a straight 4/4 to a funkier groove.  

“This is the first of many more in this style—but what I would like to add is that this is not a hard turn in my music production or style. You should see it as an expansion. I’m not abandoning what I’ve been doing; I’m just adding yet another style to my repertoire.” Long may he continue to surprise and delight us with his ever growing arsenal of flavors.

The track is released via Interstellar, the new dance imprint dedicated to showcasing the best music.