Mixtape Monday: CloZinger at Envision Festival 2017 [#006]


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Let’s get this week started with a mixtape of CloZinger at Envision Festival 2017.

CloZinger at Envision Festival 2017

Two french music producers, CloZee and Scarfinger, are the masterminds of this collaboration- CloZinger.

After a successful run of their MPC x Guitar live videos on YouTube, they decided to become a duo. Announcing their arrival in March of 2015 with they debut EP “Ovationthey started out on the road to success. In April 2016, they released their second EP “Sinking.” CloZinger comes together and attracts Future Bass, Glitch-hop, Trap, and Electronic Hip-Hop listeners.

This year’s Envision Festival held in Costa Rica was on point. Quickly approaching it’s tenth festival year, performers from Pantyraid, The Funk Hunters, Goldfish, Autograf, and more were enjoying the rainforested Central American country! Interestingly, live music is just one aspect of the festival. Envision connects with attendees through “art, spirituality, yoga, music, dance, performance, education, sustainability and our fundamental connection with nature.” 

While this year’s festival has already passed; definitely check them out in 2018. As this is their first performance in the Americas, CloZinger took the opportunity and performed at Envision this year. Take a quick listen of CloZinger at Envision Festival 2017 and enjoy!