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OCT. 15, 2013


Another year down and another album added to Markus Schulz’s monster list of compilations. He has left the City of Angels and for his 8th city, has moved on to Buenos Aires, the largest city in Argentina. Rich in art, history, culture and an incredible nightlife. Just like the city, Buenos Aires ’13 is unquestionably going to explode on the scene. The album takes you on an uplifting spiritual journey throughout the entire two disc 38 track album. Together with multiple artists from his Coldharbour label such as Digital X, Ruffault, Protoculture, Rex Mundi, KhoMha and many others, BA ’13 delivers all aspects a trance enthusiast could possibly want and need.

The first CD is filled with ups and downs throughout the entire 1:19:47. The beginning starts off slow with ’Momento de Gloria’. This track made me feel as if my eyes were opening for the first time, golden rays of sunshine creeping through the blinds as the sun rises. This quickly transitions into tracks such as ’Sin City,’ ’Remain Different’ and ’Cyclone’ where my entire body was vibrating with good beats and rhythm, every inch of me ready to dance. Then, as quickly as it started, ’Aureolo,’ by Rex Mundi, slows down the beat again and fills your ears with a dreamy, melodic sound with pulsing synths that create this feeling of energy. I had to close my eyes and listen with my soul as my hair stood on its end throughout my entire body. My favorite track on the first CD is ’Nothing Without Me’ as Markus Schulz bring in the beautiful vocals of Ana Diaz. I find myself once again eyes closed with pure bliss filling my ears. The first CD ends as exotically as it starts with Rex Mundi’s, ’Backpain’ and once again my ears are filled with that dreamy, melodic sound as the music slowly winds down leaving your entire soul at peace. But I am not ready to be done; the second CD is starting just as the first ends.

The second CD of Buenos Aires ‘13 starts right where the first left off. Markus Schulz and Rex Mundi in ‘Towards the Sun,’ blows my mind. This song takes me to my happy place as it urges you to keep on walking towards the sun, to brighter days and better times. The melody is very upbeat and happy, I can’t help but smile the entire time the track is filling my ears. Moving forward you hit tracks such as ’Dimensional,’ ’The Battle’ and ’Trickster.’ The sheer force, melody and breakdown these tracks have refuse to allow my body to sit still as the chords are moving throughout my body. Next we have ’Mardi Gras,’ a track that if heard live would make you question whether what you are hearing is really happening. This track is extremely elegant and has you on a roller coaster ride the entire time, one of my favorites. We are nearing the end of this epic journey and Markus ends Buenos Aires ’13 just as strong as he starts it. Skytech is a particularly remarkable song with striking piano chords throughout the track, another one that stood out for me. Solarcoaster, a track that’s already a hit but remixed perfectly by Markus, adding his own flavor to the mix. Lastly, we have ’Viaje Completo,’ Complete Trip. This track is the perfect ending to an amazing adventure that you have just taken with Markus Schulz through Buenos Aires. The soft melodic chords are preparing you for the end and just as Momento de Gloria awoke me to the golden rays of the sun, Viaje Completo lays me to rest at the end of the day. I urge you all to take this journey with Markus Schulz and dive head first into Buenos Aires ’13, I can guarantee you will not be disappointed.

By: Brian Lockhart


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