LISTEN: Kaerhart’s Latest Single “Losing My Mind” Is the Upbeat Reality Check We All Need


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Sometimes everything is the worst and we all feel like we’re drowning in anxiety, waiting for the shoe to drop. At times like these, those of us who find solace in dancing, and in music, need some upbeat realness to get us through the day. Enter LA-based singer-songwriter Kaerhart and her lastest electro-pop single “Losing My Mind.”

Before you actually lose your mind, take a listen:

The Message in Losing My Mind is simple – there’s still fun and joy amidst the darkness. It’s a nice reminder that even if it feels like the world is going to shit, there is still good here. And dance music has always been the epicenter for promoting letting go and letting yourself have fun.

“‘Losing My Mind’ is turning all of that anxiety into a positive feeling rather than a negative one. It’s about wanting to dance or release that energy. When I listen to “Losing My Mind” I feel really happy, even though it came from a place of darkness.” – Kaerhart in a recent interview on C-Heads

The upbeat, tropical-house influenced track features Kaerhart’s powerhouse vocals addressing how the artist (and you) can turn your frustration into positive energy. It’s infectious and everything I love about electronic-pop crossovers. The type of beat that will make you move your feet and get stuck in your head for days to come.

More On Kaerhart

Kaerhart is an LA-based singer/songwriter and electro-pop indie music artist. After two failed deals as the “guitar player with mystique,” Kaerhart was left with two choices; reinvent herself completely or quit music. After visiting a prolific Shaman who told her it was her divine purpose to become an artist and sing her own songs, Kaerhart started working on her solo project.

Kaerhart is pursuing other creative passions as co-founder of the apparel brand Mystic Tribe, where she curates pieces that support conscious lifestyles, and member of the Moon Club, which pulls together astrology and activism to foster a spiritually engaged and inspired community.