LIGHTSOUT A Sensory Deprivation Experience Featuring The Massada Rock Sound System


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Brought to us courtesy of NYC-based event group Good Looks Collective, comes an entirely unique music experience- LightsOut. Kicking off Saturday, May 12th, at Brooklyn venue The Knitting Factory, LightsOut will be a distinctly new occurrence in that it will feature minimal production to bring all the focus back to the sound. With tapped up windows and only a backlit DJ, LightsOut will be cutting out the visual sense to let the aural sensation take full control. For the inaugural event, LightsOut has recruited one of North America’s most esteemed rising electronic music stars, EPROM, as the night’s headlining act.

To aid in the experience, LightsOut has enlisted the team from Brooklyn’s Massada Rock Sound System to bring in their renowned high powered dub / reggae sound set-up for the inaugural event. In addition, LightsOut has also teamed up with Yondr to truly make this a distraction-free show.

Having teamed up with artists like Dave Chapelle and Chris Rock in the past, Yondr has created customized cell-phone cases that securely lock-up your phone throughout the duration of the event to keep the focus on the music. Attendees will maintain possession of their mobile devices throughout the night, and if needed, can access their phones at an unlocking station located within the venue, but outside the parameters of the ongoing event.

Finally, the most highly anticipated addition of the night, EPROM, will lend his infamously inventive musical style as the night’s performer. A “manipulator of sound,” EPROM’s music may be best described by Resident Advisor: “Like all of the best music, genres don’t encapsulate what [EPROM]’s doing. It’s better just to focus on what it feels like, namely unleaded physical power and giddy destruction.” Boasting releases on some of electronic music’s most groundbreaking labels including Warp, Rwina, Surefire, Cloak x Dagger, and more,  EPROM fuses elements of dub, hip-hop, and mind-boggling sound effects to create an all encapsulating sonic feat.

Stay tuned as more details emerge on LightsOut, and be sure to purchase tickets HERE, as capacity is extremely limited for this event.