THE BUZZ: Enigmatic Producer Laarsen Debut LP ‘Lavafields,’ Compelling Atmospheric Electronica


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Following releases “Would U” and “Peace Of MInd”, rising producer Laarsen reveals his debut EP ‘Lavafields’. An accomplished musician, Laarsen is an intelligent electronic music project that is working through sonic productions to develop a style that connects and creates harmony between music, nature and technology.

‘Lavafields’ EP is a creative electronic production inspired by the past, the present, and the future and pushes the boundaries of atmospheric electronica. Mixing together classic elements of UK garage, Burial-esque vocal chopping blended with a more modern production, there is something exciting and new about his style.

With influences ranging from Four Tet, James Blake and Frank Ocean, Laarsen’s style creates a quiet kind of ease. Through carefully crafted compositions and euphoric soundscapes, ‘Lavafields’ builds from the beginning a positive outlook on life, inspired by the artists emotional state of mind while crafting the 4-track EP. Laarsen shares, “During the process of writing the ‘Lavafields’ EP I was inspired by the recent technological movements that made both people’s lives easier but also improved our impact on our surrounding. This positive energy and a futuristic shift to a more harmonic coexistence with nature, nurtured a more optimistic outlook on life, which reflected in my music. The EP uses modern technology to create electronic music with an optimistic and natural feeling.”

‘Lavafields’ is assembled into four conscientiously curated tracks. Three purely instrumental singles “Would U”, “Peace of Mind” and “Pomegranate” and title track “Lavafields” which features friend and post soul artist and songwriter Talulah.

Talulah connects her rooted and observant lyrics with rich vocal and instrumental dynamic to create a marriage between groove and sonic whereabouts. When speaking on the collaboration she shares, “Lavafields is a blend of two states, and feelings. The song was written visually with the Timanfaya (Lanzarote) landscape in mind including the silhouette of this in contrast to the pink skies that sit above it at sunset. It’s a nod to the female body and my relationship with mine as well as an ode to my going back to the island after moving away. My feelings towards the island were mixed when I first came home but there’s a pull towards it that’s hard to argue, ultimately it’s a love song.”

While Laarsen remains an enigmatic project, the producer has a profound background in drum production and an advanced degree in professional musicianship and a Masters in music and sonic media.

‘Lavafields’ is out now across all streaming services and available for purchase HERE.