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In a recent visit to New York, Dutch duo Lucas and Steve spoke at length about realizing their dreams, the success of their music, playing the main stage at Tomorrowland Belgium, and falling in love with New York.

In the past seven years, Lucas & Steve slowly and steadily climbed the ranks to become one of the scene’s most loved DJs.  Breaking into the Netherland’s electronic music scene is no easy feat.  Hard work, dedication, and perseverance took Lucas and Steve from mere spectators at Tomorrowland to performing this past summer on the main stage.  A peek at the Dutch double act’s lively Tomorrowland set, it becomes quite clear how they’ve captured fans the world over.

On what brings them to New York, “We played at the Premier, a cool and beautiful club inside the Borgata Atlantic City,” says Lucas.  It’s a sunny Monday afternoon, a day after the Summer Sessions conference and the duo’s energy is boundless despite playing well past midnight the night before.  They’ve had a whirlwind day in Manhattan, including a visit to Spotify.

I quickly learned its Steve’s first time in New York, but Lucas visited with his family years well before they became a duo.  “New York is amazing, the people are nice, there’s so much happening, there’s endless of things to do—it’s my favorite city in the world,” admits Steve.  With such a positive impression of New York, it’s a safe bet they’ll return to the big apple for future gigs.

With a vibrant club and festival scene, the Netherlands does not take the electronic music industry lightly.  Signed under Dutch heavyweight Spinnin’ Records, it’s no wonder the pair’s schedule is action-packed. The boys’ dish on their hectic life, “We’ve had four new releases in the past three months—just really busy putting the time in the studio, playing gigs, but it’s also really nice to see that everywhere in the world people are picking up our music,” Steve explains.  A recent release with Bassjackers, “These Heights” received quite a warm welcome in the U.S. and the guys could not be more proud of its success here.  Undoubtedly, “These Heights” is a departure from their big room releases and a crowd pleaser that can hold its own.

Bassjackers x Lucas & Steve featuring Caroline Pennell- These Heights:

I congratulate the guys for having the number one radio airplay in the Netherlands for their track, “Up Till Dawn.”  Steve proudly mentions, “It feels really great to be number one in our home country.  What’s more amazing is that we are above “Despacito” [laughs].  “How that’s even possible, we don’t get it,” adds Lucas.  Jokes aside, we discussed the positive reaction at Tomorrowland to their track, “Let’s Go” with Mike Williams and Curbi.  Steve states, “It works really well in festivals and clubs—which is a good thing.”

Lucas & Steve x Mike Williams x Curbi – Let’s Go:

Despite having a hectic schedule, the guys reveal that they still find time for fun even while working.  Take, for example, making the music video for “Up Till Dawn.”  The concept of the video was to take a handful of blockbusters and show fans the making of a music video.  “We thought Alpacas would make the perfect co-stars, and there’s also some animation—having fun is an important balance,” remembers Lucas.

Lucas & Steve – Up Till Dawn:

Playing Belgium’s Tomorrowland main stage is an impressive stint.  To date, it’s the biggest accomplishment for the Dutch duo.  Elated beyond words to realize their dream, Lucas and Steve can check one off their bucket list.  “As Europeans, we see Tomorrowland as this magical place and it was really exciting for us to be at the main stage for the first time.  Our sixty-minute set felt like it only lasted ten minutes.  It was really, really crazy,” confesses Steve.  “It all happened so fast—we are not usually nervous before a show but Tomorrowland is such a big deal.  Plus due to Belgium’s proximity to the Netherlands (approximately 250 kilometers), a majority of Dutch people attend Tomorrowland every year.  Not to mention, the French and the German attendees—for us it’s a very big deal and certainly, adds to the pressure.  It flashed before my eyes but we had such an incredible time,” Lucas admits.

Next, I ask them what it’s like to play so close to the pyrotechnics on stage.  Lucas and Steve say, “we all love pyro but having it so close does heat things up quite a bit—we prefer it at a distance [laughs].  It’s one of our biggest dreams and to realize it with our fellow countrymen, family, and friends in the crowd—we’re thrilled and extremely happy that everything came together perfectly.”

Lucas & Steve – Tomorrowland Belgium 2017:

Despite their success at home, it doesn’t seem like much has gone to their heads.  Lucas & Steve lack the swollen ego that could come with fame and both speak animatedly with honest disbelief of their current lifestyle.  One thing’s for sure, Lucas & Steve have their eyes on the States.  Lucas reveals, “there are a few festivals in the States that are also on our bucket list including, Lollapalooza, EDC, Electric Zoo and Ultra.”  Steve says, “Of course, we never really know what’s going to happen, the States represents a whole new league but we hope that our music continues to be well received in the States.  To us, it’s such a big compliment that “These Heights” became a hit with American listeners.  We hope to tour in the States and Ultra main stage—eventually [laughs].”

With Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) a few months away, I ask the guys what their schedule looks like.  “Last year, we did twelve (including radio) but this year we’re looking to do less.  Apart from the Spinnin’ Sessions, we’re going to host our own party.  It’s going to be on a Friday with our usual concept “Skyline Sessions” at the Q-Factory with a really great lineup.  There’s a couple of special guests (some big names) and our DJ friends that we have confirmed, but can’t quite reveal just yet,” according to Lucas & Steve.  Since it’s my first time at ADE, I couldn’t help but solicit advice from the duo for which parties to hit.  Lucas & Steve had this to say, “Don’t miss the Amsterdam Music Festival which is the biggest party during Amsterdam Dance Event.  It’s a big lineup and we’re excited—it’s going to be really great.”

Lucas & Steve – ADE 2016:

As a gift to their fans, Lucas and Steve have released their collaboration with Firebeatz “Show Me Your Love” as a free download.

For now, Lucas and Steve say, keep a look out on their Facebook events page.  Their impending North American tour touches down in Chicago, Canada, and the Dominican Republic this September.  Of course, don’t miss our coverage of Lucas & Steve from this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event in the Netherlands.

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