Audiophile XXL Releases a New Compilation “Doble XX Grande Vol 4”


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On Monday, Dallas based label Audiophile XXL released an exciting new cross-genre compilation featuring 15 new song releases from artists such as Darko, TNAN, Hyd, and Max Olsen.

Sticking with their style of constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to techno, garage, and house, Doble XX Grande Vol 4 is a great example of what we’ve come to expect from Audiophile XXL and what we hope to see in the future. Tracks like TNAN’s “Then I Did It” take inspiration from multiple genres, seamlessly blending them together into something new and unique. Whereas tracks like Darko’s “Party Snacks” takes edgy, distorted vocal samples, putting them over slow building and dynamic tech house beats to make a track that would make anybody want to get up and dance. Other tracks I particularly enjoyed were Chay & Dead Space’s collaboration on “Modulate” and Toucan’s “She”.


Stream/Download “Doble XX Grande Vol 4” Here

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