ARTIST TO WATCH: Lyus Releases “Hope Right Now”


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In this special moment of the World Cup and also June being the World’s Refugee month, the only 15 years old music producer and great promise of electronic music, Lyus just released the single “Hope Right Now” by Warner Music. The song brings to the fore themes such as overcoming, hope, and social equality among all nations in a poetic and modern composition with vocals from the Somos Iguais choir, which is supported by  the acclaimed pianist and conductor João Carlos Martins, and an authorial poem recited by the artist uniting all in only one voice a message that express these spontaneous feelings and all this together connecting with this great sporting event.

Lyus even at a young age has created something never before seen by an artist joining so many intentions for a better and happier world. Something that only the music united with the talent can contextualize. He that has already been recognized as a prodigy, shows in “Hope Right Now” a comprehensive and unique sound that reflects several varieties of musical influences in which he carries as a producer in his luggage. It connects the classic set by the choir, the subtlety of a poem harmonized with the modern electronic music.

To contextualize this message, he invited Somos Iguais choir a world-wide recognized and one of the representatives of refugees. It’s a project of the volunteer Daniela Guimarães and in partnership with the artistic management of Ney Marques, to give voice and transform the suffered reality of many refugees’ lives around of the world in music. Giving voice for the dreamed world union and world peace, reminding that the World Cup moment becomes so propitious and share the same feelings. The Somos Iguais choir is supported by Maestro João Carlos Martins who has a wide and renowned world career and also a beautiful story of surpassing, united to a unique talent and as Lyus understands how important it is to give voice to this situation.

A song with such initiative from a teenager like Lyus is such a noble example and for sure it deserves to be encouraged and supported. All this united with a choir of young people who lived in the middle of the war and nowadays they live fighting for a new life. For a big number of them, soccer is the representativity of happiness, fun, and dreams. It all can only prove to be the song unmissable and that deserves to be shared.

To many producers, the secret formula for reaching success is releasing hits after hits. To Lyus, the constant study of techniques and refinement in software combined with a lot of determination and focus, among his 15-year-old teen routine, it results in the ideal formula and is responsible for what he has been nourished in the past months.

Focusing on cultural and musical improvement, he has been to several countries and cities, as Holland, Germany, Austria, USA, Argentina, and also Hong Kong and China, where he lived for two years. His current goal has been to come back to those countries soon as a DJ on the lineup of huge electronic music festivals.

Luís Felipe Miranda, the name behind the Lyus project has conquered more and more space with his charisma and talent on the dancefloors. He has been the DJ resident at big festivals like Holi Teen Festival, Glow Teen Festival, and has always been demanded at parties at all. However and even keep djing after 1 years in the business, he opted for being incubated as a music producer in order to produce with the highest quality criterion possible and always prioritizing his authorship and a universal language because he intends to be acknowledged globally with his music. Yet, in this period, he worked hard to amplify his career management in terms of staff, quality and concert structure.

Lyus had this to say: “As an artist, I want to bring the best concert experience ever to my audience, and that is why I have to be complete as an artist and  through my music and performance for everyone in a concert or even for the ones who listen to my tracks through any platform or radio, I want to make sure they are connected by the songs I produce as well as the ones I perform.

To me, the fact that a song I produce connects with people is the answer that shows I’m on the right track and, therefore, when I perform, I seek to return and amplify this connection, combining it with feelings, visual elements and the best I can add on-stage to make the such ‘best concert experience ever’ happen. This is the dream; this is the path to reach the audience. Music is love, joy, and connection.”

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