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Louise Rademakers Sweeps Armada Chill Off Its Feel with Solo Debut “Nostalgia”

Filled with charming vocals and emotional chords, ‘Nostalgia’ marks Louise Rademakers’ first solo single on Armada Chill. Able to make time slow down and set hearts on fire, this is a record you’ll always think back to with a smile.

After working with acclaimed artists such as Melosense, Rodg and Ruben de Ronde, Louise Rademakers saw the time right to deliver an offering of her own to one of Armada Music’s renowned labels. With the release of solo debut ‘Nostalgia’ on Armada Chill, the Belgian singer-songwriter not only shows off the charm of her velvet and hypnotic vocals, but also makes sure the world can’t wait to hear what sonic gems she comes up with next.

Listen to Louise Rademakers – Nostalgia

Embellished with emotional chords and lingering atmospheres that wow listeners as much as the vocals do themselves, ‘Nostalgia’ bears the feeling of bygone days and memories cherished. Able to make time slow down and set hearts on fire, this song is one you’ll always think back to with a smile.

Born in Antwerp in 1993, Louise Rademakers saw her debut EP signal her first forays in the world of music at the age of fifteen. After graduating from high school, she moved to Boston, Massachusetts to pursue a career in music and study at the well-known conservatory Berklee College Of Music, giving her the chance to collaborate with a host of talented musicians, helping her shape her identity as a songwriter and performer. Now based in Amsterdam and on speed dial for numerous acclaimed musicians, Louise is a valued member of the Armada Music family and ready to turn this wonderful solo debut into the first of many enchanting records to come.