Amine Edge & DANCE Release Free Debut Album


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Amine Edge & DANCE Release Free Debut Album

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France-based duo have had a year of diligence and hard work with multiple festival sets and worldwide showcases. If you are in need of a Friday afternoon pick-me-up or the perfect precursor to your Friday night of shenanigans, look no further!  Amine Edge & DANCE‘s new album Past Before Future has 10 Hip-Hop house inspired tracks that will surely leave you feeling groovy and loosened up, and potentially a bit ratchet (in all the best ways).  The duo immaculately meshes the sounds of a 90s style house party with middle of the nightclub dance floor vibes.
Amine Edge & DANCE have made their mark on the electronic dance scene with Beatport chart hits such as “Going To Heaven With Goodie Goodies”, “Bitches in The Project” and “Halfway Crooks”, all using their trademark sound of Hip-Hop house.  A couple favored tracks of ours  from their new debut album include “Someone Like You (Original Mix)” Ft. SerGy and “Real Girls Fall, Fake Girls Talk” Ft. DJ Sneak.

It is understandable that with such a successful year and over 100 venues played; some of which being Coachella, Shambhala and Amnesia in Ibiza, the two would enjoy to celebrate.  With that being said, Amine Edge & DANCE would like to thank their fans for the support with their debut album Past Before Future for free.  You may download the album via Soundcloud or listen to it below.
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