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Reddit AMA: Kastle



Kastle recently hosted a Reddit AMA shortly after his latest album “Reflections” and answered a wide range of questions about music production, his inspirations, his journey as an artist, some memorable moments and more. Here are ten things that we learned from his AMA:

  1. Kastle frequently meditates to kickstart his writing sessions and uses it to cope with the pressures of being an artist.
  2. Destiny is Kastle’s favorite PS4 game.
  3. Some of Kastle’s favorite books are Letters From The Earth by Mark Twain, Red Book by Carl Jung, and the Cosmic Trigger series by Robert Anton Wilson.
  4. Kastle shot the music video for “The Future” in Tokyo, Japan, due to its futuristic society and the role of technology keeping people connected.
  5. One time, a person on LSD walked on stage during Kastle’s performance, and smashed the DJ Mixer on the ground.
  6. Kastle has a deep understanding for existential philosophy, psychology and science.
  7. Kastle states that one of his biggest day-to-day struggles is social media.
  8. Kastle accredited his subconsciousness as the backbone of this record, saying that it helped bring the whole thing together.
  9. Kastle explains that one of his greatest inspirations is “90s jungle sound”.
  10. Not only is Kastle an artist, but he is also the manager and A&R for his record label, Symbols.


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